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New 7″ by Thurston Moore

Again real good new work by Thurston Moore. ‘MX Liberty’ is up for a listen. Buy it through Blank Editions.
Thurston, with members of his London based group, Deb Googe (My Bloody Valentine), James Sedwards (Nøught) and Jem Doulton (Dead Days Beyond Help) recorded the music in a studio nearby the early ‘70s hq of Britain’s Angry Brigade on Amhurst Road, N16. This non-violent group of anarchists poets and writers of resistance remain a source of radical inspiration for Thurston & Radieux.
On the flip is “Panik” Thurston’s cover of one of the great generation zero punk rock records of all time. Originally recorded by the legendary group Metal Urbain from the 1977 streets of Paris burning with insolence and primal angst energy. It’s lyrics even more pertinent today in the face of contempo-demagoguery.
Side A: Mx Liberty
Side B: Panik

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