new music

New music by Japanese noisy psych rockers Qujaku

Qujaku is  a Japanese psych/noiserock band that interested me right from the start. The sound of Qujaku is original, heavy and  and influenced by Les Rallizes desnudes and Kenji Haino. In moments the vocals are soft and filled with tension building to violent explosions. You can hear traces of doom, psych and noise throughout their discography.
So you can understand my joy when i heard they are going to release a full album, coming to Europe (10 minutes from my home!) and released the first track.
Their first selftitled album will have a 500 limited double 12 inch vinyl.
The first track ‘Shoku No Hakumei’ is a perfect example of what this band is capable of. After the gothic intro the soft voice tunes in only to explode in a dark doom track, the 20 minute track getting louder and more violent in the end.
I have been hooked on the track ‘MEI’ from their latest EP ‘S’ for about six months. A gorgeous balance between the vocals and the heaviness.





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