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bleak noise and strange stuff on The Estranged Communications label

Sorry in advance for this post, it is filled with nightmarsh noise and tinnitus inducing sounds, but hey, it is time for something different.

Most of you weirdos will probably have heard of the label that’s called Estranged Communications, but i did not.

And i can’t seem to find much info about it either, but this label specializes in the weird stuff, the stuff for those dark, tormented lost souls.

One of the first things the label posted is a Live execution from Bloated Subhumans wich is a somewhat obscure noise/industrial band. the second release is also by Bloated Subhumans and again a live edition.

After this it is a release by Commodity Fetishism, wich in my opninion, is even scarier and more noise than Bloated Subhuman. This is a bit much for me, not really my cup of tea.

But now it is getting interesting, we are getting closer to the more listenable music. Meet Tangent with their EP fit. This is an ominous sounding postpunk/industrial EP wich is actually pretty cool.

While things were getting interesting, Bloated Subhuman surfaces again with a live recording, so if you don’t mind I am going to skip it and get to Janedriver wich is again something completely different. This is bleak noisy shoegaze music with some dreamy vocals.

And while the label grows, the stuff is getting better and stronger. Next up is a Philadelphia thrash band ZORN and its pretty fucking great.

Almost at the end of the list we come across a Russian band. One with a heavy sound. the hardcore/punk band Петля delivzers powerful and agressive tunes.

To end the list their is an upcoming release, from various artists. TBD, BLOATED SUBHUMANS, and TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT are on this live recording.

So if you love the bleak harsh noise  or you’re more into noiserock, postpunk and the likes the Estranged Communication is something for you.



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