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In your face noisepunk by Pink Room

DID YOU KNOW I LIKE LOUD AND NOISY MUSIC? you probably guessed that by now, and by now you also know i don’t like the write long sentences. Luckily i don’t try much either. So let me stick to the more important information, let me stick to stuff you come here for and this time it is for Pink Room, the Belgian noise rocking dirty punk band that is taking the world by storm. They are ready to release their new album called ‘Zum Kotzen’. Expected landing date: 22/03.

They surprise released their second single called ???. Yes, it is called ???. If this track is a bit too heavy for you then don’t worry, its only 2 minutes and a shit and the next  auto video on youtube is Nicole Sherzinger wich is pretty nice too on some levels.

Pre-order a vinyl at Belly Button Records on Bandcamp or drop a message to the new off-stream vinyl shop ZOEZOE Records in Gent (wich is filled with only the best stuff, so check them out).

Find Pink Room on The Big Belgian Noiserock list and on Fuzzy Sun’s Spotify

Turn it loud and listen to some Pink Room.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, zittende mensen

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