new music

Another Great Music Dump

because there is not enough time and too many good bands here is a dump of awesome music.


After ten yours the stoner band Nebula is back. Their new album ‘Holy Shit’ will be released June 7. Listen to ‘The Witching Hour’ now.

Other Ways

Californian trio Other Ways make dirty punk and released their EP ‘Most Forgettable’ March 21. Tune in for some gritty stuff.

School Disco

The Oklahoma surf/garagerockers School Disco seem to have upped their game with their new track ‘Dadada’. The band sounds heavier and stronger then before. Tune in and listen to some School Disco

Walking Bycicles

Chicago psych/post-punk rockers return with a 6track album that will be released April 26. Check out three tracks before the release of ‘Chooch’.

Aura Blaze

some hypnotic psychedelia form Aura Blaze S/T album, mastered by Heba Kadry of Timeless Mastering (Neon Indian, Moon Duo, White Hills, Wooden Shjips, Surfer Blood, et al.)

Day Brake

Tunes by the Belgian producer Day Brake. Listen for a tune between psych and electronics.

AB001 & Avid Dancer

AB001 & Avid Dancer have teamed op to make this woozy psychpop track ‘Anything’.

The Good Water

70’s vibes psychedelia by the English band The Good Water.

The Solos

The Solos are a Dutch collective making post rock, doom and soundtrack music. Tune in for their latest EP ‘To The Moon’.


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