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new track by Youff from upcoming album ’20/20 Hindsight’

Today is a good day, today is the day we get to hear the new track by the Belgian noiserockers Youff. In 2018 they released the wild ‘Et Cetera’ wich was a magnificent piece of noise and agression. And now it is time for the new track ‘Idiot Savant’, the track will be on the new album ’20/20 Hindsight’. There will be two new albums by Youff this year! Embrace yourself and tune in for some gorgeous piece of noise rock.

Youff is on the Big Belgian Noiserocklist.

check out their previous one ‘Et Cetera’ too:

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 4 mensen, lachende mensen, zittende mensen, tafel en binnen

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