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Possum is here and Possum is what you need

Somewhere in Toronto there is Brandon Bak (guitar, vocals), Tobin Hopwood (guitar), Patrick Lefler (bass) and Bradley Thibodeau (drums) who came together to form the fuzz band Possum.

What is going to make this record so damn awesome? It is the mix of kraut, fuzz, psych, jazz and garage that makes you think of Black Sabbath in moments then Ty Segall in others. Possum is one of those very awesome new bands that blends vintage heavy psych with modern tunes and I am sure we will here a lot from this band from now on!

This is highly recommended psych!

They recoded their upcoming album ‘Space Grade Assembly’ themselves and will be released June 21 on Garment District Records.

Check out the first two released tracks!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, buiten

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