The Great Music Dump #9

It is getting to much again for me, all these submissions that are worth listening too and not enough time to share them. So instead of doing nothing i will all dump them in this ridiculous long list. All you have to do is turn the volume up and click on the play buttons.


The Turin band  Indianizer has their very own genre, they mix afrobeat, indierock, psych and i don’t know what through their music creating a very fresh and fun sound. Their track ‘Horoscopic (Saturn Returns)’  comes from their upcoming album with the same title as the track.


Chelsea Wolfe

A new track b Chelsea Wolfe from her upcoming album “Birth of Violence”, available September 13th on Sargent House. An acoustic song with her gorgeous vocals. Its seems everything she touches turns to gold.


Dark Times

Dark Times makes the kind of punk that gets your blood boiling, full of energy and a raw and noisy sound. tune in for their new track ‘Give’.



Soul Glo

This is for people who like ridiculously loud punk, hardcore and noise. I am a fan. Tune in for the latest album ‘THE NIGGA IN ME IS ME’ from Philadelphia noisemakers Soul Glo.


Teen Mortgage

The Washington Duo Teen Mortgage is armed with a guitar and a drum set and with these two instruments they make hell of a racket. The new track ‘Falling Down’ bursts of energy and punk vibes. The track comes from their new EP called ‘Life/Death’ that will be released June 21 on King Pizza Records.



Sons of Zöku

‘Sleepless’ is the new track by the Australian psychedelic rock band Sons of Zöku. This is an incredible catchy psych track by a band the produces gorgeous psych sounds, really curious to hear more. Tune in for the single ‘Sleepless’.


Timothy Eerie

The Orlando psych pop Timothy Eerie released the new album ‘Ritual’ and it is a great piece of hazy, dreamy psychpop.



Detroit rockers released their psych/garage album ’21 Centuyre Drone’ on May 10 and is filled with groovy tracks.


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