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Cherubs release ‘Immaculada High’

The noiserock trio Cherubs returned after a two-decade hiatus in 2014 and they released 2 Ynfynyty in 2015, a split with Gay Witch Abortion in 2016 and the Fist in The Air EP in 2016.

Their new album ‘Immaculada High’ is very intense and expertly crafted. The slow, brooding and epic songs like ‘Soooey Pig’  and ‘IMCG’  create a hazy feeling but there are enough high energy tracks filled with agression and riffs to keep this a very heavy album. Absolutely gorgeous!

The band shows with ‘Immaculada High’ that they are on top of the food chain. Tune in, buy the album on Relapse Records and enjoy the noise of cult rockers Cherubs.

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