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Lightning Bolt share third track ‘Hüsker Dön’t’

We are creeping closer to the release date of the new album by Lightning Bolt. The new album is called ‘Sonic Citadel’ and they already released two tracks. The third track is out now and is called ‘Hüsker Dön’t’. The track is again a fantastic Lightning Bolt track, immense speed, gorgeous riffs, drums like they were made in the pits of hell and the distorted vocals. Again a pumped up epic noise track.

Out on Thrill Jockey on October 11.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, schoenen en buiten

1 thought on “Lightning Bolt share third track ‘Hüsker Dön’t’”

  1. Nice and all, but…dunno…maybe I’m being unfair here, but they haven’t evolved much in 20 years, don’t you think? It’s all pretty smiliar stuff. All the same recipe. Just like those metal bands who keep releasing the same album with other songs over and over again – just with a different style of rock music: noise rock. Dunno, don’t feel like I need this one on my shelf. Already got nuff LB on there…

    Anyway, I demand more Nels Cline content. Now that guy seems to have bandwidth! Found this today on reddit:
    I only checked him out when ‘Currents, Constellations’ was released last year. Awesome record. The ‘Destroy All Nels Cline’ is also incredible – has quite a few Branca-moments without being a rip off. But his discography is so huge, no way I can work through that. And there seems to be quite a bit boring stuff in there as well (listened into Wilco, but didn’t shake my leg, like, at all). Lemme know if you have more Cline-related (or similar) recommendations.



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