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Thank release ‘Please’

Good God, I thought I knew what the new album by Leeds noiserockers Thank would sound like. You know, I thought it would be a strong punk/noiserock album in the line of their debut and their split with Blom. But this is something absolutely incredible, the band experimented with electronics, they threw in some nervous computersounds and now their new album ‘Please’ is extremely fun to listen to. It is agressive, wild, still superb punk and very original. For some reason this stuff is almost singalong material, my lazy body who normally needs loads of booze before it wants to move starts moving out of itself when listening to this.

The ‘Please’ Ep by Thank is without a doubt amazing, addictive and  will be very high on my end of the year list.  Out on October 11. It will be released through Buzzhowl Records and Belgium’s EXAG. ‘Please’ is the first Thank release which has involved new member Gowans throughout the writing process.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: plant en buiten

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