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Drose release ‘boy man machine+’

Somewhere in Ohio there is a band called Drose. This band has released first album with the same name in 2016 and they have taken this album and combines it with their debut 7″ ‘A Voice” and they have thrown in same unreleased tracks as well. All this is remastered by veteran engineer Carl Saff.

‘boy man machine+’ will be out on October 18 2019 via Computer Students, a
unique, futuristic record label. It will be the first under their new Anatomical Reissues series, which reissues albums with highly conceptual design and presentation.

This album is a highly experimental record, one that really hits you in your face with its destructive noise, calms you down with its ambient soundscapes and scares the shit out of you with its eerie atmosphere. ‘boy man machine+’ is beautiful and cerfully crafted. It does not happen very often that a experimental record like this is so succesfull.

Enter the world of Drose and buy yourself one of the gorgeous designs of the album designed by Computer Students.

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