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Locean release ‘Chav Anglais’ on Artificial Head Records

From Manchester comes the band Locean with an incredible new release. This is another one of those bands this year that excels in their originality. Locean brilliantly infuses their music with a lot of different genres, there is noiserock, punkrock, nowave, psych and I don’t know what else. They experiment with these genres and create something unique and very pleasant to listen to. The album starts of with a 7 minute track with a gorgeous bassline, noiseguiters through the track and the hypnotic vocals of Lauren Bolger. “Skyn” is the second track and sounds like a trip on mushrooms, six minutes of trance. “Pussycat” was the single and the most energetic track. The album closes with “No Skyn” and shows a band that can create an hypnotic atmosphere with noise influences and psych.

“Chav Anglais” is released November 1 on Artificial Head Records and is a beautiful piece of hypnotic psych and noise. Most definitly will Locean end up on my end of the year list.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, zittende mensen, nacht, tafel, tekst en buiten

8 thoughts on “Locean release ‘Chav Anglais’ on Artificial Head Records”

  1. Love how it sounds like she’s singing “she’s got the body of an aeroplane”. Or is that just me hearing this? I’m old and deaf. Aah get off my lawn! Fucking kids, where’s my bucket of stones?!


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