new music

Swedisch psych duo Earth and the Sun release debut

You had a difficult day and you chose to do a an evening stroll in the woods to calm down and forget about the shitty day. When walking deeper and deeper in the woods you lost the time and start getting lost. Its is getting darker and darker and the fog gives the woods a magical vibe. You are so tired and fungry you decide to eat those good looking mushrooms that are growing on that treetrunk.

Suddenly you wake up in a gorgeous valley,  the sky clear blue and wild flowers all in between the grass. Two sultry Swedish girls dressed only in some flowers take your hands and drag you to a valley full of people who are watching a giant stage. While you pass the people you are offered all kinds of edibles and smokes. On the stage is a new band called Earth and the Sun.

Suddenly one of the voluptuous Swedes hits you in the face with a stick. You wake up again in the woods, you have shat you pants, your shoes are gone and there are ants casually walking in and out of your butt. But when you look in your hands you find the new album “Psyched!” by Earth and the Sun in your hands.



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