new music

Elefant to release “Bejahung” this friday. Tune in for the new track/video

Their previous album “Konark Und Bonark” was a nice piece of work with a track called “Lord Sleep” wich I still play a lot. A while ago they released a new track called “Water Always Flows Down” wich showed that the band has a more normal side too. The track is a lot chiller then most of their material.

Their new track and video “Ultra Plus Ultra” is again more catchy then what we are used to but has a heavy kick to it. Tune in for “Ultra Plus Ultra” from their album “Bejahung” wich will be released this friday 24 January on 9000 Records (consouling Sounds).

You can find Elefant together with a lot of belgian weirdness on “The Big Belgian Noiserock List”

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, mensen op toneel en binnen

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