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Belgian noiserockers Crowd of Chairs are back with new music

The Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs have been a couple of times on Fuzzy Sun. The trio makes intense noiserock with post punk influences. They have already three releases out and their latest “Fuck Fuck Fuck” ended on my best of 2017 list. Crowd of Chairs is on my Big Belgian Noiserock list too.

Now we get the first track from their upcoming album that will be released through Sentimental Records. This will be their second studio album called “Mod Kid With Dog” and will be released February 21 on Sentimental.

The first track is called “Hollow Thoughts of Wrong” and on it Crowd of Chairs sounds more balanced the before. Their relentless noiserock combined with their typical destructive and bleak atmosphere  creates a gorgeous track but in this first track they sound more intense but less agressive. This is one of the albums I look mostly forward too in 2020.

Also known for their ferocius live shows, so be sure to check them out live too if possible. Tune in now for “Hollow Thoughts of Wrong”.








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