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Crowd of Chairs release “Mod Kid With Dog”

Belgian rockers Crowd of Chairs return with their second full length called “Mod kid With Dog”. Their previous album “FUCK FUCK FUCK” was released in April 2017. On that album you could hear the band experimenting with noiserock and postpunk but on this new album the band has taking the experiment a little further. “Mod Kid With Dog” is weirder, darker,complexer and more experimental. What is most remarkable is the intensity of the album, it is not necessarily heavier or harder it is just very in your face, the music very nervous. This is an album that needs to grow on you, you have to let it in and listen to it with intense focus. Then this album will devour you.  I haven’t chosen a favourite track yet because I will have to listen to this album a lot more before I know what track has chosen me. “Mod kid With Dog” is released February 21 on sentimental. Listen now.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, staande mensen, plant en buiten


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