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Mutated noiserock on the new Bruxa Maria “The Maddening”

Let us be clear and honest from the start, Bruxa Maria is not noiserock anymore, Bruxa Maria has evolved into something else, maybe even evolved is not the right word, maybe mutated is a better word. The music made by Bruxa Maria is extremely intense, their is no rest, no pause, only brutal fucking riffs, in your face drums and vocals so angry my balls are trying to get back in my body. “The Maddening” may be the most fitting title for an album like this. This is noiserock and punk so dirty and intense it is more punishing then grindcore. These are abused guitars that have come to life by snorting way to much glue. “The Maddening” is as good as it is intense. Yet again a record that is on Hominid Sounds (just like Casual Nun I posted yesterday), it seems the label is ready to win 2020 with all the best noises. Buy this LP, you will be pleased, I promise.

Favorite tracks: “The Shock Into Behold!”, “Love And Riots” and “Brutal Attack”.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.

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