Wax Machine – Earthsong of Silence

Brighton psychedelic 4-piece Wax Machine have recently released their debut album ‘Earthsong of Silence’ via Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Not too distant from the offerings of Ultimate Spinach, Kaleidoscope, some of Fifty Foot Hose’s less eerie material and The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, the debut album from the quartet is beguiling, rootsy agrarian psychedelic-folk at its purest whilst also amalgamating elements of krautrock and jazz.

The serenity of Wax Machine’s debut creates a wonderful sonic odyssey of absolute tranquility in these times of uncertainty. Soft, sweetened vocals, jaunty guitar-lines and flutes that tremble along with the occasional torrent of fuzz, the debut LP from the Brightonian quartet is a tremendous trippy, sun-laden hippy freak-out.

One of the finer psychedelic albums you’re likely to hear this year, ‘Earthsong of Silence’ is an absolute must listen.

You can stream the album below as well as purchase it here.

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