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The insanely good and heavy sax list

Some people say sax is making a comback in rock music, but was it really there in the first place? Is there a comeback? Is there heavy music with sax in it that is good? I know of some people that have to vomit only if they see a saxophone and others that just get weak legged and fluffy when they hear it. I love saxophone in heavy music, especially in experimental music, noiserock and the likes. Today I will be your Cosmic Captain and I will fly you through my favourite tracks with sax in it from mellow psych to destructive noisepunk and, well yeah mostly jazznoise. Fix yourself a glass of red wine, fill the bath, add some rose petals and enjoy these heavy experimental tunes. (There is a band in there with a trumpet that is insanely good but that is basically the same thing right?)

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