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Public Body Share Post-Punk Banger ‘Naughty on My Bike’

Hailing from the sunny south-coast city of Brighton come gloom-laden, post-punk quartet Public Body (Seb Gilmore – Guitar and Vocals / Theo Verney – Guitar / Joe Stevens – Bass / Thom Mills – Drums) with ‘Naughty On My Bike’. ‘Naughty On My Bike’ is skittish, barbed and pulsating post-punk that also almost weaves into the boundaries of krautrock.  

On the single itself that ridicules the ever-abhorrent British public transport system that is always increasing in price, guitarist Theo Verney explains:

“It’s a song dedicated to the humble bicycle. Naughty On My Bike openly criticises the public transport system as being over priced and sluggish. Walking, being the green option, is slower still. In cycling we find balance between speed and convenience.”

If the output so far from the Brightonians proves anything already, it’s not just the capital producing some of the finest post-punk bands in the U.K at the moment.

Listen to ‘Naughty on My Bike’ below and be sure to keep the new noisemakers on your radar.

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