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43rd best band in Toledo Sog City shares new album

“Thoroughbreds” is the new album by Ohio heavyweight Sog City. This is something between extremely agressive riffing and intense noiserock, the whole album sounds like someone is crushing your skull with amplifiers. I am sitting here quite impressed actually, after listening to the first track that starts of quite eerie and soon brings the chaos and riffs I am sitting here and I think, lordy, this stuff is good. “Lollygagger” is even heavier if that is even possible. “Fools errand” is chaotic fun and introduces a bit of fun punk and synths too! “Valet Parking” is just brutal  just like “Rodeo’s closed”. The album is closed with my favourite track called Thoroughbreds. This is music for the noiserock fan who likes his music a bit more metally and heavy. I love Sog City.

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