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Second Radar Men From The Moon track

I have shared a lot of music from the Dutch collective Radar Men From The Moon in the past and seen them a couple of times live too and the cool thing about this band is that they never do the same, it is always something new and refreshing. Drone, noiserock, spacerock, industrial and so forth, this band can do it all. They did collaborations with bands like Gnod, The Cosmic Dead and 10 000 Russos.

Now they return with again something new, they already shared the track “Eden in Reverse” from their upcoming album “The Bestial Light” wich will find its home in Fuzz Club Records. This time the their music has vocals (and a second drummer).

Now they shared a second track called “Piss Christ” wich is again dirty noiserock in the same genre as the first song.  It seems the band will go from industrial/drone and electronics to a very heavy noiserock album. This second track is even dirtier then the first. This is something too look forward too! The album ‘The Bestial Light’ will be released May 8 on Fuzz Club.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 6 mensen, staande mensen en buiten


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