Fuzzy Sun essentials

Somewhere in September this year Fuzzy Sun will exists four years and I have shared a crapload of music since then, and I wanted to share with you the tracks I liked most since starting this website, the tracks I listen too most of all and stuck with me the most. So this list will also be a good guide for you to see if the contents on this site will please you or not. The tracks I will share are all from the last 3 and a half years on Fuzzy Sun. Most of this music has been a lot on this site because I really wanted to share my love for these bands. I will keep adding tracks when I am absolutely sure they are my favourites.

7 thoughts on “Fuzzy Sun essentials”

  1. Hey Fuzzy Sun, I love your blog man, but the new design blows ass. it takes forever to load and browsing 3 columns at the same time is really a lot more confusing than it ought to be. Please go back to the good old fashioned single column, it was way better.

    a fan who just wants to discover awesome music without opening his third eye

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