Bananagun Share ‘People Talk Too Much’ Ahead Of Debut Album

Australia is on one at the moment, exporting some of the finest psychedelic bands standing on the planet right now. Another new outfit from the scorching hot-bed of cosmic sounds is the excellently named quintet Bananagun who hail from Melbourne. 

Whilst concurrently announcing the band’s debut album ‘The True Story of Bananagun’ out June 26 this year, Bananagun have shared their latest single ‘People Talk Too Much’ via Full Time Hobby. Sun-soaked psychedelic sounds mixed with Southern American tropical sounds, ‘People Talk Too Much’ is balmy brilliance that delves between the Babe Rainbow-esque hippy-freakout with Os Mutantes and Fela Kuti.

If you need a soundtrack for these sweltering times and want to feel like you’re back by the beach, then give it a listen below as if Bananagun’s output is anything to go by, their debut album looks like it could already be an album of the year contender.

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