16 Live Sets To Watch During Isolation – Part 7

In these lockdown times we bring you live sets of awesome music and its getting out of hand. This was Brad’s idea but I ripped his idea and made a session too, and now another! Here is part 1part 2 and part 3part 4, Part 5and Part 6. Each part has 16 awesome live sets that are absolutely worth your time. Check them all out if you get the chance (and ofcourse you have a chance, your at home doing nothing).


These guys have quit recently with Raketkanon, the band was from the same place I live, Ghent, Belgium. A ferocious live band with a really cool take on noiserock.  Check out there full love show in MKNŽ Ilirska Bistrica (wherever that is).


Man Or Astro-Man

Man or Astro-Man is a really cool band that has been around for a long time with theru surfpunk. This is a KEXP performance with really good quality. Recorded in 2013. Check out the bass with a screen it too.


Boss Hog

The husband and wife duo of Jon Spencer (guitar) and Cristina Martinez (vocals) along with Jens Jurgensen (bass), Hollis Queens (drums) and Mickey Finn (keyboard). Jon Spencer played Pussy Galore and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. This is another really cool KEXP live edition.


Death Grips

This really really has to be on one of these live lists. Absolute fan of this extreme duo who keeps pushing musical bounderies. This is a really cool Boiler room SXSW live set.


Acid Cannibals

Furious dudes making furious music for furious people. Their latest album “Scottish Space Race” was absloutely furious. Check out their live set at Sonic Grave.


Cattle X Girs Sweat

This is some seriously heavy, experimental and fucked up stuff. Watch hgow Cattle and Girl Sweat come together and completely destroy everything.


how can a list with live sets have no Melt-Banana? Impossible! here it is!


Butthole Surfers

Another absolutely amazing and destructive live set from the legendary Butthole Surfers filmed in 1987.


A very hypnotic live set from the band with multi-instrumentalist Michael Gira. Swans is epic and shows it on this set, wish I was there.


Part Chimp

So brutal and so lovely, Part Chimp is such a fantastic band, if you never heard of them there is a great joy awaiting you.


Wart Biter

One of the best sax based noise bands I know. I know, i know, you internet people are going to bash me and say 500 other bands, but fuck it, Wart Biter is awesome.


Acid Mothers Temple

Had to search a while to find a good set. This is AMT and they are epic and weird and I love them.


Kapitan Korsakov

you may recognize the voice in this belgian band. It belongs to the vocalist of the first shared live set in this post, Raketkanon. Kapitan Korsakov gives really intense live shows and is a most see.



I noticed I really like this weird and noisy Japanese scene. There is so much weird and cool music coming from over there. OOIOO is an absolutely great band, they also released an new album ‘nijimusi’.


Zeni Geva

Brutal japanese noise  featuring singer and guitarist KK. Null. In your face heaviness


Taiwan Housing Project

brutal and chaotic and sometimes cute and punky, here is Taiwan Housing Project.

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