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The best UK compilation I have ever seen and it is for charity: Human Worth Vol I

This is the first release from Human Worth wich began as a series of fundraiser nights across the UK. This release is to raise money for the Trussell Trust, to help support the food banks and people who need their support at this time of crisis. I almost fell of my chair when I saw who was on this compilation, most of the bands on this comp I really love and have released so much good music. Some of them are new for me wich is even more of a treat. Today this is out to coincide with Bandcamp’s fee waiver, allowing all proceeds to go directly to the charity. It’s set at Name Your Price and every little counts, so make sure to grab a copy on Friday!

The album starts of with a brutal track from Bruxa Maria their freshly released album “The Maddening”. The track is the perfect starter for this compilation, it completely blows our brain to shits.

Shortly followed by Casual Nun who made this new album called ‘Resort For Dead Desires’ wich is a gorgeous combination between psych noise and rocknroll. Casual Nun shared one of their more heavy psych track ‘A Light Plague’.

The next band Silent Front with their noisepunksound is new to me, so another discovery for me!

Thank ended real high on my 2019 end of the year list. I absolutely love their electronic punknoise! The track is an exclusive new rehearsal recording of ‘Fragile Ego’ from ‘Sexghost Hellscape’ on Cruel Nature Records.

Territorial Gobbing is new to me and is goddamn weird, wich is good, I love weird. I need to check out fast if the rest of their music is so weird too.

Next up are Luminous Bodies who just released the excellent “Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh” and Cattle with their absolutely braincrushing sounds.

Human Leather with their filthy sound and a track from ‘Succulent’ and Johnny Broke with an exclusive new track ‘Feedbacker’ from Wayne Adams of Big Lad / Petbrick

This shit is unending with a track from the latest by intrsumental noiserockers 72%, a live track from Modern Technology and a track from Colossloth wich I did not know before! Markers share an Exclusive track ‘Marine Parlance’ recorded live at Café OTO 27.10.2018. Originally appears on ‘Heaven in the Dark Earth’ on God Unknown Records

The party goes on with the explosive Remote Viewing with ‘It’s Better This Way’ on Sludgelord Records. Workin’ Mans Unit with ‘Springer’ from It’s Not Nothin’ on Riot Season and Cruel Nature Records. The Spaghetti punk from Fret! and Business Dudes wich is new to me.

From the last three I only know Lump Hammer. The other two are new, so enyou so .​.​.​(​something) ruined and Möbius.

I purchased my copy today and so should you, this is an absolutely magnificent compilation for charity. There is so much good music on it and listening and buying helps other people in need. Do it now!






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