These previously unreleased tracks by METZ will get you in a noisepunk frenzy

METZ share two previously unreleased tracks from the ‘Strange Peace’-sessions called Acid and Slow Decay.

As you know, the Covid-19 pandemic has been hard on artists’ revenues. Today, May 1st, Bandcamp has decided to waive their share on all sales, meaning everything you pay goes straight into musicians’ pockets.

It’s a nice gesture, but what’s really cool is that a lot of bands share new or previously unreleased music. And yes, Canadian noiserock gods METZ are among them, praise the lord! You can download the tracks ‘Acid’ and ‘Slow Decay’ right now. The songs were made during the sessions for the 2017 album Strange Peace, but didn’t make the cut.

‘Acid’ is a full-on noisepunk pounder and sounds very METZ. Every line is drowning in reverb and overall noise, the energy is massive. The verse is as punk as it gets, the chorus is an invitation to shout along and thrash the room while you’re at it. ‘Slow Decay’ is even grittier, a catchy punksong hidden underneath layers and layers of noise and reverb.

These are a must-listen for Fuzzy Sun-readers. Highly recommended!

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