The Windmill Releases ‘Live At The Windmill’ Compilation Featuring black midi, Black Country, New Road, Shame, Goat Girl & More

Situated in Brixton, The Windmill is one of the most important buildings in the United Kingdom right now. The flat-roofed pub has become a melting-pot of new music, and has become the heart of the flourishing U.K music scene. 

Fat White Family, Goat Girl, Shame, Black Country, New Road, HMLTD, etc, etc, The Windmill has become as synonymous as any label out there with bands emerging from inside its beautifully painted walls – and the bands themselves have become synonymous for being ‘Windmill bands’. What that means though is that from day dot, Windmill curator Tim Perry has championed these acts, bringing them back time after time when possible, and when other promoters may not book them, and many of these acts have in turn have continued to fiercely support and fight for their spiritual home. A ‘Windmill band’ is more than a media tagline – it’s an identity, a badge of honour that any act should rightfully be proud to wear.

It’s hard to put into words the spirit of The Windmill, but the recent release of Will Hodgkinson’s excellent ‘Roof Dog: A Short Story Of The Windmill’ available on Rough Trade Books, brilliantly captures the essence of the wonderful venue and is well worth a read in this period of quarantine. 

Like all venues though in these uncertain times, The Windmill – a national landmark, an absolute must-visit should you ever find yourself holidaying in London, is sadly currently facing the impending threat of its doors being shut for good due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

Due to the period of uncertainty, The Windmill have released an incredible  ‘Live At The Windmill’ compilation with an incredible, eclectic array of some of the most exciting acts around at the moment.

Black midi, Black Country, New Road (as well as black midi, New Road where both bands come together), Shame, Goat Girl, Meatraffle, Rosie Alena, Fontaines D.C, PVA and more join the compilation that’s only £5.00 and where all proceeds go towards keeping the venues’ doors open as well as Brixton Soup Kitchen.

Get involved if you can, and help both this iconic institution stay open as well as Brixton Soup Kitchen, whilst also treating yourself to one of the best live compilations you’re likely to hear for a while.


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