Tropa Magica Drop New Psychedelic-Cumbia-Punk Banger

We’ve featured Tropa Magica before on Fuzzy Sun. If you’re not aware of Tropa Magica though, the outfit is based in Los Angeles and features former members of Thee Commons, who reformed as Tropa Magica to create their signature psychedelic cumbia garage-punk sound and are proving to be one of the most fun bands standing on this planet.

With the instruments being recorded at  Boyle Heights at “Total Annihilation” studios engineered by Eddie Rivas and vocals, pianos and percussions being recorded and mixed at “The Shelter Studios” by Cesar Mejia in East Los Angeles, Tropa Magica’s latest offering Chalino y Sus 7 Balazos’ is another dose of their frenzied psychedelic cumbia punk sound with hints of surf-rock. Serving up another party slammer perfect for smashing spirits and having a mad one at a sweat-soaked late night beach party, ‘Chalino y Sus 7 Balazos’ is a sweltering, skittish ripper. 

With the likes of Tropa Magica, Los Bitchos and The Mauskovic Dance Band, it seems a new-wave of cumbia is spreading across our shores and that is nothing but a glorious thing. 

Anyway get involved below and jump on the Tropa Magica party train.

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