Exclusive track premiere: ‘Shan Patter’ by Lovely Wife

There are a lot of things that make me happy, like eating pizza after swimming, eating pizza, making pizza, doing a golden drop, drinking and a lot of other hobbystuff you don’t care about. But what makes me really happy is really dirty and heavy music and the UK band Lovely Wife are absolute experts at this. They released their previous album ‘Audible Beef’ in 2019 (wich ended on my end of the year list) and was a perfect piece of filthy music. Now I am really happy to not only share you the new track but to premiere it on Fuzzy Sun! The track is called ‘Shan Patter’  and is a beast! The good thing about this band is that you can hear that they don’t give a fuck about genres, they just do their thing and they own it, the music they make (wich ‘Shan Patter’ is a good example of) is so eerie, dark and extremely heavy.

Vocals that rumble and mumble from the pits of hell, the bass so heavy makes this music almost ritualistic.

The track is onthe album ‘Best In Show’ wich will be released by Cruel Nature Records on 3 July 2020.





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