A new track by Japanese-Korean nomadic family Tengger

Tengger‘ is Itta and Marqido and their son Raai, a travelling musical family with roots in Korea and Japan. Their latest album ‘Nomad’ is due for June 12th on Beyond Beyond is Beyond. Their ‘new age drone magic’, as they call it, is as calming as it is uplifting.

Tengger apparently means ‘unlimited expanse of sky’ in Mongolian. The moniker fits the music perfectly. With a harmonium, a battery of analogue synths and sometimes children’s toys they create a perfectly unique, spiritual sound. It’s easy to lose yourself in the waves of their repetitive, hypnotic music. The term ‘spiritual journey’ comes to mind.

‘Nomad’ will be released on June 1 but first we get the third track ‘Water’. Take this soothing music in now.

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