We all need The Shits whether we want it or not

I could post about some sunny and hazy psychpop band today, you know, something that makes you feel glad to be alive, dreaming about flower covered meadows and trees and birds and shit. But I don’t want to, I want to listen to loud and agressive and noisy stuff. Stuff that sounds angry and full of fuck you. And on the Hominid Label I can always find stuff like that, always the most nasty stuff comes out of that hole. So let me introduce to you the band with the glorious name The Shits. The Shits are a band, a loud fucking band and they are from Leeds (that is somewhere in the UK). The Shits shared their first track from their upcoming debut full album ‘The Witching Hour’. The track is called ‘Punishment’ and is extremly dirty, soethimg between sludge, noiserock and punk and it rules. Their debut will be released June 5th.




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