Lovely Wife release ‘Best in Show’ on Cruel Nature Records

I was kinda honored when I heard I could premiere a track from Lovely Wife. Bands like them, who make this heavy sludgy doom and psych without caring what anyone thinks, is the stuff I really like.The track I premiered was ‘Shan Patter’ and now the full album is out on Cruel Nature Records.

Now, how to get in to this band: The first track is called ‘Ioniser’ and is the perfect appetizer for the rest of the album. The track is almost 23 minutes long and starts with this ominous droney and saxy sound, evil vocals soon join the game, drums make it even more scary. Everything gets faster and dirtier and more awesome. Now when the track is done you will agree with mee that this is pretty near perfect doomnoise. ‘My Cup Overfloweth’ is more of the same doom but with a funky bassline. Slow excrutiating doom on ‘Shan Patter’, ‘Shenanigans’ is fast paced evilness, ‘Wallow’ is juast sad and ‘Horn’ has a horn wich is pretty freakin awesome.

Their new album ‘Best in Show’ is an original take on doom filled with eerie vibes. Out on Cruel Nature Records.





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