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Mummise Guns release their new album on Riot Season Records

Mummise Gunes is made of members of Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs PigsTerminal CheesecakeLuminous BodiesCasual NunGHOLDBlack Shape, and Michael and all of these bands have been featured on this little website and most of them are on one or another end of the year list.

I really expected a lot from this band, you know, it is filled with members of all these other great bands so the bar was high. And they filled those expectations! Their self titled album is a magnificent piece of work. All these different (heavy) styles come together and I though it would create something ‘normal’ but  what we get is a wild ride full of unexpected turns. The album starts with ‘Flattenend Earth’ wich is  wild rocknroll but then ‘Glitter Balls’ is this gloomy noisy doom track. The fun with this album is that it has a bit of everything in it, wich makes it a varied and fun listen. Like ‘Forever Triggered Forever’ is this riff feuled bone crushing track and ‘Bipolar Brain Transmitter’ is this chaotic noise/spacerock track. On ‘Dog Cocked’ I get some White Zombie vibes and ‘End of Days’ is the perfect fast paces noisrock track to finish this awesome piece of work.

Mummise Guns doses you with controlled choas, wild unfermented noiserock, evil spacerock and Swamp Sludge. This album is clearly for the cool people, the question is: are you cool enough?

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