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Enough Shit and Shine to keep everyone happy

Okay, so there is a lot of stuff that really sucks this year and it seems a lot of it will keep on sucking but one thing that is pretty damn cool that is the constant stream of releases, re-releases, digital long lost releases and what else from Texas noisemakers Shit and Shine, the band that feels at home in extreme sludgy noiserock as acid techno beaty stuff.

I have shared already a couple of re-releases and lost stuff and now their are again three released.  This release ‘Good White Good Green’, was released in 2016 on HEATED HEADS label from Glasgow.

Another release is ‘KUSS MICH MEINE LIEBE’ released in 2008 on the fabulous LOAD RECORDS as a double available digital.

Another long lost super limited sold out vinyl only release 12″ from 2013 again from the mysterious gangsigns label based out of south london. only 300 copies of this WTF -weirdo-masterpiece were released and they were snapped up immediately. ‘FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE START BEING POLITE FOR A FUCKING CHANGE’

And this one for now is the digital version of bass puppy 12″ from 2010 released on the kick ass BADMASTER RECORDS out of Philly(home of the cheese steak).

‘JREAM BABY JREAM’ was released in 2012 on Riot Season and is another classic Shit and SHine.

Tune in for again some experimental tunes and if you don’t whant to search te internet you can click on this underlined words and you will find more shit and shine. ‘Ladybird’ ‘Scenic FarmDoing Drugs, Selling Drugs“”No No No“.

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