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Frankie and the Witch Fingers share first track ‘Sweet Freak’ from upcoming album

The LA garage/psych band Frankie and the Witchfingers  are one of my favorite garage/psych bands that have emerged in the latest year. They posses this wild energy and fuzz and there is always fun in their sound. Every release ‘ZAM’ was great and they are only getting better. They just released a new 7″ wich is called is called ‘Cavehead’ and has the tracks ‘Cavehead’ and ‘Mind’s Eye’ on it. Out on Greenway Records and Levitation and their label The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Order it here.

But now they are already back with a new song and this time it is from their upcoming album ‘MONSTERS EATING PEOPLE EATING MONSTERS…’ wich will be released Octoberr 2nd on Greenway Records and The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Today they released the track ‘Sweet Freak’ wich is again a magnificent piece of fuzzed out garagepsych.

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