new music

A Brutal Dump

It has been said that the incredible Fuzzy Sun’s music Dumps have been played in the homes of Barack Obama, Elon Musk and the 14th Dalai Lama (who himself has an upcoming album). Want to feel the liberating feeling of destructive music? tune in now for A Brutal Dump.


Belgian dirty hardcore punk band Vonnis shared their first single of the upcoming album ‘𝙿𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚘𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚎 𝚃𝚛𝚊𝚒𝚕𝚜’. This track is called ‘ZOVEEL BLOED (VOOR ZO’N KLEIN DING)’ and is ridiculously agressive and brutal. (sax at the end are bonus points)

Plan Pony

Slightly weird, a bit loud and a mix of a lot of genres, tune in for Plan Pony.

Red Fang

Maybe not really a band to be on Fuzzy Sun but I always liked the sounds of Red Fang. Here is one of the songs from The Adult Swim Series. It is called ‘Stereo Nucleosis’. Enjoy.

Neptunian Maximalism

This is quite something. This album by Belgian experimentalists is called ‘Éons’ and on it they fuse mysticism, drone, Jazz and experimental tunes. The whole has a oriental mystical vibe around it and sounds eerie and dark. Each of these 16 tracks is a world on their own, weird and special. Tune in and go explore.


Dirty noisepunk from Goffstown. A new track by Wkeah!

Space Coke

Again real fucking good stuff on the Forbidden Place Record Label. This time a new release by Columbian heavyweight Space Coke with their first full length. The album is full of trippy intros before fuzzed out guitarriffs and psychedelic slow sludgy vibes fuck up your mind. Trippy and heavy, just the way we like it.

Horse Torso

Mathcore band founded by veteran New York rock/jazz drummer Danny Sher and featuring Baroness bassist Nick Jost with guitarists Dustin Carlson and Andrew Smiley. “Mikropianist” will be released on Aug 21, 2020 and the first track is out now.

Worlds Best

Every song from this band is made up on the spot. Its fast, heavy and pretty damn cool. Out on kafadan kontakt.

Cosmic Monster

the Cosmic Monster returns with a blast of spacey noise, psychedelic and  experimental rock. The beast is called ‘Any Future Anxieties You May Have’. Check it out now.

Strange Unit

Australian industrial/punk infused noiserock brought to you by Strange Unit. Listen to their new EP ‘Nail, Meet Hammer’.


KULK is the second band that is on the Hot Fools Records. Their first track ‘My Fair Neighbour’ is taken from their upcoming album and is a heavy piece of gloom and doom.


some industrial tinged new tunes by Bangladeafy. The new album will land on September 18.


B R I Q U E V I L L E is a secret band of people dressed and long and dark robes that have been making music for some time now and have released some absolutely great stuff. their music is doom and has this eerie atmosphere. their new track ‘Akte XIII’ is out and is taken from their upcoming album ‘Quelle’ wich will be released October 2.


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