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Human Worth Vol II: a heavy feast for the ears

The first release from Human Worth kinda blew my mind.  The label put together and incredible list of artists that each gave a track, a new one or an unreleased one or an older one. The compilation is to raise money for the Trussell Trust, to help support the food banks and people who need their support at this time of crisis.

Now only shortly after the release of the first volume (and the new album by Modern Technoly, wich is iummense) we get the second volume. Now all proceeds this time are going to Harmless (To provide support, information, training and consultancy to people who self harm, their friends, families and professionals). 

I had the honour of premiering three tracks on Fuzzy Sun a while ago from this comp but due to the amazingness of this volume I wanted to share it again an with all the artist.

The Compilation starts of with AJA with the Exclusive new track ’Serenity’. An industrial and experimental start!

The second on is by KLAMP with an exclusive new track ‘Big Bad Heart’ from new album ‘Hate You’ on God Unknown Records.

Third is one of my favourite bands of this year, the mighte Blom with their fuzzed out intense noisepunk sound with the track ‘Meat’.

Shuck with a live track, Sly and the Family Drone with their shrieking noisejazz that is just magnificent and a track by We Wild Blood (who will release an album on the new Hot Fools Label.

It just does not stop, another really great track by Modern Technology (their new album is stunning, you really need to check it out). The new (super)group Mummise Guns is on their too! and Bismuth & Vile Creature wich is a new band for me.

USA Nails gives us a cover of Paranoid (and has also a new album on the way, Algernon Cornelius and Ballpeen and Vile Sect add some agression on the label too.

The Eurosuite and No Music are new bands too me, OZO with their hypnotic jazz i know and love and Lovely Wife is just awesome.

Last three tracks are by Working Men’s Club, Warren Schoenbright and Left Hand Cuts Off the Right.

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