Osees release ‘Protean Threat’

Osees, formerly known as Thee Oh Sees, The Oh Sees, OCS, Oh Sees and others) is led by John Dwyer who does not only release an incredibel amount of music with his band Osees but has side projects like the recently released Bent Arcana and his solo project Damaged Bug. ‘Protean Thread’ is album number 23 for the band! The new album, released under their very onw Castle Face Records, starts if fast paced with ‘Scramble Suit III’, Gets a little more funky with ‘Dreary Nonsense’ and from then on the tracks seem to switch between a bit more funky and hypnotizing and enegrgizing garapounk. ‘Red Study’ is again in your face loud garagepunk together with ‘Mizmuth’.

With ‘Scramble Suit III’ and ‘Gong of Catastrophe’ my favourite tracks this new album ‘Dreary Nonsense’ sure is good, I don’t think this band will ever release something bad, they keep slowly shifting in their own genre, sometimes more punk, somethimes more kraut, … and this is what makes em great. Still I think I have to listen some more but it leaves me a bit underwhelmed. Maybe I was hoping for some really outstanding track like I felt with ‘The Axis’ or ‘The Lens’ or a more riff fueled one. But it does not really matter, It is a great listen.

If you can’t get enough of frontman Dwyer then you can check out his solo project Damaged Bug with the new ‘Bug On Yonkers’ album and this new project Bent Arcana.

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