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Latest releases from Forbidden Place Records – Spectrum/Static, Dungeon Weed and The Crooked Whispers

The Colorado label Forbidden Place Records has had most of their releases covered here on Fuzzy Sun. The bands on the label are always interesting and most of the time they bring something refreshing and it is always heavy. I wanted to share with you the three latest releases because their is yet again some awesome stuff in it.

Dungeon Weed

This Oakland band has a really great name and I was expecting regular doom but their is psych and a lot of trippy guitar work involved too. The six tracks bring you in some kind of trance.


Somewhere in Oregon is this two man noise unit called Spectrum​/​Static. There is some really dirty noisepunk in this album called “Change of Head”. Tune in and embrace the noise.

The Crooked Whispers

“Satanic Melodies” is the debut of The Crooked Whispers’ and his this uncle acid vibe but with some more funky evil style, hope i can say this and that they do not put a curse on me.

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