Mdou Moctar Signs To Matador & Shares “Chismiten”

Mdou Moctar’s backstory is almost unreal and is one for Hollywood itself. The prodigious Tuareg guitar wizard and songwriter based in Agadez, Niger came from a strict religious family, where becoming a musician was not something that would be welcome news. Not to be discouraged at all by the set-back, Mdou Moctar instead built his own guitar with wood and old bike wires. In turn Mdou Moctar taught himself in secrecy; eventually reaching an audience by playing weddings. The outcome in the end? Mdou Moctar has become one of the fiercest and most talented guitarists on the planet and has found himself signed to the esteemed Matador Records.

Sharing the newest single from the ahead of a full LP on Matador, Chismiten” from the prolific Mdou Moctar is shred-laden psychedelic and desert-blues-rock sorcery for the mind to get lost. It’s absolute exquisite stuff.

If you haven’t listened to Mdou Moctar before, then get on that on right now and watched the glorious video as it’s magical stuff. Mdou Moctar is on “I bless the punk and psych down in Africa” too.

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