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Metz release ‘Atlas Vending’

Metz is one of those bands that will always be loved by the noiserock fan. They have released the most ferocious music in the past and their new album ‘Atlas Vending’ is again a gorgeous piece of noiserock. But this time their are tracks on  ‘Atlas Vending’ that sound more controlled, tracks that have a more postpunk in them and have almost poppy hooks. I almost feared the absolute rage and ferocious feel was lost but no way, their is so much typical Metz chaotic noiserock on this album it will please every fan. The album is really good produced and the you can hear how good the band works together to create ‘Atlas Vending’.

‘Atlas Vending’ is proof a band can evolve and grow in theit sound and style but still stay true to their core music, wich in the case of Metz is still bone shattering, face melting noiserock. Tune in and be like the new Metz album: ‘Beautiful’

Favourite track: ‘Parasite’ and ‘Pulse’

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