new music

High energy garagerock Kookaburra

Belgian Garagerockers Kookaburra are finally back with the annoucement of a new album and a new track to check out. The new track ‘Dacelo Novaguineae’ is taken from their upcoming album ‘Dry Eyes/White Mice’ and shows a very strong Kookaburra, stronger then ever.

From their previous, almost jolly, garagerock Kookaburra is now channeling Frankie and the Witch Fingers and Osees through their music yet still own their fuzzed out wild sound. Prepare for very fuzzed out garagepunk. Theire is a new player on the field and they are called Kookaburra. Recorded by Thomas Valkiers in the Hightime Studio and will be released on December 10, 2020 on Resurrection Records (US), Gazer Tapes and digitally through Wagonmaniac Music.

Watch the very sportive video too.

Please, more of this!

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