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Track of the Month: Locean share ‘Sprucce Bingsteen’ from upcoming album on Artificial Head Records

Really happy to say here that the Manchester band Locean is back with now music. The band released the absolutly gorgeous album ‘Chav Anglais’ last year end it ended on my favourite list of 2019.

The vocals, wich are really cool, belong to Lauren Bolger who does the vocals on two tracks of the Holy Scum EP’s too.  The band has two drummers, Danny Watson and Ben Nield,  Jefferson Templeon Guitar, Mixing & Mastering, Two bassist David McLean and Ash Reid, Keys are Marion Mucciante and the Vibe by Neil Francis.

The first track is called ‘Sprucce Bingsteen’ and is taken from the upcoming album ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ wich will be released December 11 on Artificial Head Records.

The track is about 10 minutes long and all i can do is listen to it on repeat, I feel like this music perfectly fits for me, the music is unhinged and tense, loud and slightly distressing. The atmosphere is hypnotic and eerie and Lauren’s vocals give all this an extra kick.

Extremely curious to hear more, this one is going to end up really high at my end of the year list, already sure of that.

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