KGATLW San Fran 16′ & The OFFICIAL Gizz Archives

Do yourself a favor right now and go spend 5$ on Vimeo for King Gizz’s “San Francisco ’16” live show. Considering the times and your location in the world…live shows are probably a distant pipe dream. However, on top of their GIANT discography, they manage to supply even more (for a lack of better words) content when it comes to live audio and video that is much needed in 2020. Grateful Dead levels of documentation.

Below I will cover some of my favorite moments from the new “film” and also start the OFFICIAL “King Gizz Lesser Known YouTube Live Show…archive?”

KGATLW live shows bring energy and community within the audience without fail every time. The spontaneity of the music combined with a dynamic crowd makes every live show WORTH A WATCH.


Live In San Francisco ’16 Notes

  • At 10:50 The Big Fig wiggles are orgasmic
  • Two girls scream “dickhead” (in a friendly manner) numerous times throughout the show I believe. I also believe it is directed at the guitarist Joey
  • 3 flute appearances? Head On/Pill ranks #1 flute solo 1:13:50
  • Leading up to “Cellophane” Stu says, “Give it back to that really tall man” when speaking about the camera. What proceeds is an amateur fan recording from in the pit on Stu’s camera…AWESOME
  • About that Spontaneity –>

When you think you have a good idea, but give it a bit more thought. (SF16 Live clip) from r/KGATLW

“King Gizz Lesser Known YouTube Live Show…archive?”

In the same vain as this new release and the Asheville 19′ Concert video here are lesser known videos off of YouTube that are filled with energy no matter sound quality. Check out “Chunky Shrapnel” or the KGATLW YouTube page for more officially released video (as well as KEXP).

King Gizz collaboration with garage rock legend King Khan. A party.

Full Georgia Concert. Great Energy & Medium Audio.

Great Energy & Great Audio


IMPORTANT: At 4 minutes Joey tears it up with my favorite solo variation of “The River”

Things to note: You can see there recording process (The guy with the ski mask is filming clips that were used in their tour film “Chunky Shrapnel”, Stu delivers a beer to sounds guy, The camera man of this video grabs the now ex-drummer Eric’s foot at 2 minutes and 20 seconds. MUCH MORE!!!

Popular Video but in 360 and VR can be used. Also great sound and video quality.

At 14 minutes 30 seconds the dutch people begin to row. “Craaaaaazy Dutch People.”

Brings a tear to any Gizz fans eye. This song closes a performance at the biggest venue Gizz has ever played and at 6 minutes and 40 seconds the crowd gives an ovation that must have aw’ed the band. Love it.

“Secret Show” in Korea that was announced the day of for those close enough. Explanation for tiny venue and relaxed no shirts policy.

And finally a interview done as a school project with a solo acoustic performance of “Vegemite” at the end.

I strongly believe this will be one of the most influential rock bands of our era so forgive the spam and go find more of these videos if you are missing human contact.



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