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Cower release ‘Boys’ on Human Worth

The Human Worth label (raising funds for people in crisis through their shows and releases) is fairly new and has already released some absolutely gorgeous stuff like the two compilations with the best of the heavy UK scene and the extemely heavy new album Modern Technology.

The humans in this new band called Cower are also known from the other bands they play in, Gareth Thomas plays in USA Nails/Silent Front, Wayne Adams in Petbrick/Death Pedals/Big Lad and Thomas Lacey in Yards/The Ghost Of A Thousand.

Cower is something special and they prove it from the first track. ‘Tight Trouser and a Look of Intent’ starts as retro gothic tinged track that bursts wide open with industrial and epic synth vibes while the second track ‘Proto-lion Tamer’ is an brutal bonecrushing noiserock track (and my favourite of the album).  

On this album Cower shows that they are a band filled with experience, grand ideas and experimentalism, they show you can combine this eerie synth/gothic/industrial atmosphere with extremely heavy noiserock and create something that fits perfectly.

‘Boys’ is a very entertaining listen and has a perfect balance of heavy experimental music, gothic, synths and noiserock. The vocals are perfect on this music and make the whole thing a amazing succes. I can now call myself a big fan and so should you.

Order you album on Human Worth.

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