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Premiere: Creston Spiers – I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To

Creston Spiers (From Harvey Milk) announced his second LP and shared two tracks from his upcoming album called “Brown Dwarf”. The album will be released December 4th on Wantage USA, WeEmptyRooms and Creston Spiers.  The album is recorded by Creston himself, mastered by Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk drums). The first pressing is limited to 150 pieces, with screen printed kraft covers and hand stamped labels.

I am very happy to premiere the third track ‘I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To’ before the release on the fourth.

Creston makes music that is heavy but still full of feels, the tracks are full of fuzz but still feels strongly emotional. ‘I’ll Do Anything You Want Me To’ is faster paced and filled with grunge and punk influences but still a track you can sing along with. Tune in and check out his music and buy the LP.

You van buy it in the USA here or the rest of the world here.

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