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Locean release ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ on Artificial Head Records

Really happy to say here that the Manchester band Locean is back with a new album. The band released the absolutly gorgeous album ‘Chav Anglais’ last year end it ended on my favourite list of 2019.

Now after hearing the full album I am even more excited, This new album called ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is a brilliant piece of experimental postpunk/noise whatever music.

The vocals, wich are really cool, belong to Lauren Bolger who does the vocals on two tracks of the Holy Scum EP’s too.  The band has two drummers, Danny Watson and Ben Nield. Jefferson Templeon does Guitar, Mixing & Mastering. Then two bassist David McLean and Ash Reid. Keys are Marion Mucciante and the Vibe by Neil Francis.

I was patiently waiting on this album because it is the last one I really wanted to hear this year before the release of my EOTY list, wich will be out on 14th of December an wich Locean is a part of.

The album starts with the smooth track ‘Coca Cola’ wich brings you in this hypnotic vibe. The second one is ‘Clicking Fingers’ and is 8 minutes of refreshing experimental minimal eerie nowave that slowly builds to a noisefest. ‘Sppruce Bingsteen’ was the single they shared a while ago and builds further on the vibe of ‘Clicking Fingers’ but with an even more eerie vibe. ‘Twenty Zen’ makes you ascend to heaven. The the ten minute track ‘Officer’ is a gorgeous psych, really lovin the guitar and basslines here. ‘Forever Zen’ may be my favourite at the moment with the psychedelic atmosphere and screeching guiters that hit me right in the feels. More psychedelic guitarwork on ‘Looking for Melody’ and tha albums ends with the thirteen minute track ‘All Around Me’ that is meditive and magnificent.

I love experimental music and with this album Locean have proven them masters in mixing all different kinds of experimental genres in one hypnotic, wild ride. ‘Top Ten Zen Meditations’ is all about amosphere, feelings, and intensity but it is most of all a very layered album wich makes you discover new dimensions with each listen. A brilliant album!

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