The best albums according to Ralph Schaarschmidt (TRIGGER CUT, Buzz Rodeo)

It is list season! I am not really a big Christmas person but I do love list season.I already made my end of the year list but this year I decided that one list is not enough. So you can expect two lists from Fuzzy Sun writers Brad and Ryne and now you will get a list from the great Ralph Schaarschmidt whom you know from his work in Buzz Rodeao and Trigger Cut. Be sure to check out the two new tracks from the upcoming album from Trigger Cut named ‘ROGO’. Ralph also made 5 part collection of the best noiserock and postpunk wich you can check out here. But now ofcourse you are here for the best of 2020 according to our friend Ralph. Dig in!

Moon Pussy – Moon Pussy

Hoaries – Rocker Shocker

The Domains – Enter

Adulkt Life – Book of Curses

Carnival Crash – It Is A Happy Man

Patois Counselors – The Optimal Seat

The Hammer Party – Smashed Hits

Twisted Ankle – Twisted Ankle

Lié – You Want It Real

Trainer – Athletic Statics

Ryoki Center – Strychnine

Sky Furrows – Sky Furrows

Live Skull – Dangerous Visions

USA Nails – Character Stop

Blacklisters – Fantastic Man

UK GOLD -Epigram No. 2

Exhalants – Atonement

Shifting – It Was Good

June of 44 – Revisionist: Adaptations & Future Histories In The Time Of Love And Survival

New Primals – Horse Girl Energy

Alpha Hopper – Alpha Hex Index

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